Monday, October 28, 2013

How to read Research Papers efficiently

Reading a Research paper is a really painful thing for most of the people. Sometimes we have to read few research papers within few hours/days. But some people take a whole day to read a single research paper. So lets see if there is any method do read a research paper quickly.

Most research papers contains two columns. Because that column width is comfortable to the human eye. Majority of the people read paper by reading words one by one. That is the most time consuming thing. So try to read a chunk of three words at once. This will be difficult at your first run. So keep practice. Later you'll save a lot of time when reading research paper.

The second method is avoiding the movement of your eye. You can concentrate your eye on the center of a line. Any avoid the leftmost and rightmost words. Read only middle words. That won't affect the meaning of the sentence. You can get the meaning of that sentence without reading the leftmost and rightmost words and it will save some time.

So aggregating these two methods, I have posted a photo below. You can understand using it.

You will have to practice this methods to get the advantage of it. With this method you will not grab the 100% of the contents of the research paper. But this method will give you a clear idea of the research paper and its relatedness to your research quickly. Good luck with your readings.!

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